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What is leatherette? The basics 


Consider leatherette! This material is both fashionable and durable and is manufactured from synthetic leather. Learn some basics about leatherette here!

What is leatherette?

The clothing industry frequently uses leatherette, a fabric produced from synthetic rubber and plastic. It has a smooth, suede-like texture and is extremely water-, scratch-, and tear-resistant.

Because it is weather-resistant, fashionable, and comfy, leatherette is frequently used in jackets, pants, backpacks, and other apparel items. It is also perfect for products that need to be seen often in public because it keeps their color even when it gets filthy or damp. Leatherette is also well-liked since it feels premium to the touch. This is made possible by the silicone oil coating that gives the vinyl surface its water and stain resistance. 

Benefits of Leatherette

Leatherette is a type of synthetic leather made from an artificial polymer similar to leather. It has many benefits that set it apart from traditional leather products.

Some of the main benefits of leatherette include:

  1.  It’s durable and weatherproof.
  2. It’s easier to clean than traditional leather products and doesn’t require regular maintenance.
  3.  It’s more comfortable because it’s softer and smoother than traditional leather products.
  4.  It doesn’t smell bad or develops mold, so it can be used in places where traditional leather products are not allowed, like hospitals and schools.

The weak resistance of leatherette to wear and stress is one of its drawbacks. It can begin to rip and split over time, which makes it less resilient than conventional leather materials. However, since leatherette typically lasts five years or longer before it needs to be changed, this shouldn’t be a significant issue.

The cost-effectiveness of leatherette is another critical advantage. Leatherette is comparatively less expensive to create and buy than other kinds of synthetic leather. As a result, fashion designers that want to provide their customers with high-quality clothing without breaking their wallets frequently choose it.


A form of cloth known as leatherette is created from leather that has undergone a synthetic resin treatment. Due to its strength, ease of maintenance, and attractive appearance, it is frequently used in jackets, purses, and other apparel items.

In general, leatherette is a cost-effective and adaptable material that may be utilized in various items. Before making any usage decisions, it is necessary to consider its environmental effects.

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