How You Can Age And Go Bald And Be More Attractive Than When You Were Younger

You Can Age And Go Bald And Be More Attractive Than When You Were Younger


Baldness setting in can be taken in two shades: #+a positive it a negative one. For one, baldness is associated with old age and who the heck wants to be called old?

Any guy wants to be masculine, sexy, and feel wanted all their lives. But then nature knows no man.

You can relent to the baldness and look like a old bald piece of sheep or you could take up these tips and attract all the attention to yourself.

The plus of these strategies is that you don’t have to kill for them, and in the end you not only create a perceived value in yourself but also boost your ego. Men and ego are a thing no doubt.

Baldness often sets in towards the age of 60 but to others, anything past 25 years and baldness comes knocking.

When a bald masculine hero comes to mind, I’m almost guaranteed that Jason Statham did cross your mind twice. If he didn’t, there he goes.

You might not have noticed that he’s bald due to the masculine feel that he oozes and hence diverting attention from the baldness.

Follow this tips and note how improved and psyched up you’ll feel later on…

  1. All Or Nothing

Research portrays bald men as dominant, sexier, stronger, more confident and more masculine.

After a certain level of hair loss, it becomes difficult to achieve a clean cut.

So shave it off and never look back.

  1. Dress Like The Grown Up You Are

Don’t try to force the ‘youthish’ look on yourself.

The greatest looks ever donned were backed with intentionality. Being intentional with how you dress separates boys from men.

You don’t want to look like a homeless clown just for the sake of looking younger. In fact there exists a number of old-age dressing styles which will have them ladies swarming all over you.

Secret is, don’t overdo. Just be easy on yourself.

  1. Astute Accessorizing

Nothing looks good when pain and your style is no different.

Iff you are a glasses-man then Don them. If not, have the quartz watch on your wrist.

You don’t however need to go a stretch just to accessorise yourself. A scarf or a diving cap could do.

  1. Grooming Yourself For The Position… Of Stylish Gentleman

Play in line with the principles of contrast and balance. If you are bald, a goatee or a beard could Complement your face easily.

A well groomed beard will accentuate your jawline.

Having a neat mustache also improves on your style.

You must have noted that these tips have nothing to deal with the external world. They are all things that you do on to your own hair.

Once you get done with them, and you become you, a youthful gentleman will be what others see in you.

Just remember to keep it simple. Complexity bores awkwardness and that you don’t want.

So, have a good time looking young with the bald head.

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